In its 19 years as a focused real estate development Company, ENA PROPERTIES LIMITED (ENA) has made its mark in the real estate market. This is a manifestation of our philosophy of putting customers’ interests first. ENA is led by managers focused on the company’s core competencies. Together with our joint venture partners and associates, we have over 16 years of real estate development experience. Our trust on improvement underlines every project that is currently underway.

ENA’s strategy of concentrating on its core competency in management, while outsourcing functions such as architecture and construction, has allowed the organization to remain lean and has enabled management to gain a deep understanding of core functions. At the same time, this strategy has enabled ENA to collaborate with experts in every phase of project development, thereby creating a combination of expertise and experience.

Considering industry trends and the expertise ENA has gained over the years, we expect steady of growth in coming years. The dream for a cozy and comfortable living is universal for everyone. For an urbanized city dweller of today, this dream is coupled with a necessity of having the home in a safe and renowned neighborhood with easy access to urban facilities. We are always receptive to the changing need and taste of our customers and we attempt to address these with a subtle blend of practicality and aesthetics yet keeping the product price within an affordable range.

With our team of dedicated professionals, we have worked for establishing a strong corporate identity of ENA. Each area of our work is departmentalized on a purely functional basis and is directed to achieve qualitative superiority with state of art information technology to achieve the highest standard of accuracy

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