DayZ Arma 2 Download


Jul 2016
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DayZ Arma 2

DayZ Arma 2 Download

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mod Dayz for Arma IIwith turned into a military conflict in the post-apocalyptic world disaster zombies game of survival. Original Arma II to run on their Zrequires ddefnyddio.Gêm ddidosturYn Dayz, your only goal is to survive and avoid being turned into brain gorgingzombie. By doing so, you will wander from town to town looking for food, or arms; Ifyoure can not cope with the hostile world, you die andhave start from scratch!

Beware of other players zombiesand! Dayz is a multiplayer game where the biggest share this planet with many other players. After meeting with other humans, it is unclear whether their purpose is good or bad, or whether you are alone or accompanied. You will be constantly on guard, keep in mind that a unity harmony is how best to cut players eraill.Zombies surviveor, of course, the risk of the most obvious, but you should always be careful with other players enough to keep shooting even head your to get the equipment you. Fortunately, no human players attack seriously is the only option. Communicatingwith other players and look for strategies related to your life.

Wonderful atmosphere and environment graffegMae’r certainly DayZs quality. Map is just great (you need about an hour and a half to get from one side to the other), and its full of meadows, forests and towns filled with danger. The graphics are amazing, considering ARMA II engine, which still has some tricks up his sleeve for the worse. Characters, objects and environments are breathtaking; You will be surprised more than once.

Game experience unigrywDayz environment detailed and realistic game. I’ll give you a second youth to Arma II and completely free if you own the original game. His amust for anyone looking for something new.

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DayZ Arma 2

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